Yoni refreshing mist

Yoni refreshing mist

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1 bottle 100 ml sample- R160

10 bottles 100 ml prepackaged - R890

5 bottles 80 ml prepackaged - R475

1 kg - R300

2.5 kg - R700

5 kg - R1250

10 kg - R2500

20 kg - R5000


refreshing and natural feminine spray that keeps you feeling fresh and clean throughout the day. Ideal for use after the gym, during work hours, during your menstrual cycle, or before and after intimacy. Our easy-to-use Yoni Mist is specially crafted with gentle ingredients that are safe for your intimate area. Perfect to carry in your purse for long days at work or with the kids. Enjoy the freedom to stay fresh and confident no matter where your day takes you.


Deionized water, glycerin, rose water, aloe vera, calendula extract, witch hazel, preservative.

Usage Info

  • Shake gently before use. 
  • Spray onto panties to freshen up as needed.
  • This can also be used to freshen up under your arms or feet. For external use only.