Facial products / skincare full sized sample kit

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Products included in this sample kit include the following full-sized items:

  1. Rose treatment facial oil 30ml
  2. Facial soaps 100-gram bar activated charcoal
  3. Himalayan exfoliating soap
  4. Turmeric soap
  5. Facial cleansers 100 ml African black liquid soap
  6. Rooibos and aloe cleanser 
  7. Facial toner 100 ml (Witch hazel, rosemary, and rosewater - oily/acne-prone skin or, Tea tree, lavender, and rosewater - dry/sensitive skin or, Toner infused with rose petals) = 1 toner
  8. Facial scrubs 100 gram Activated charcoal and turmeric facial scrub , green tea and tea tree scrub 
  9. Facial moisturizer - with vitamin A and E - 80 grams
  10. Facial masks 100 ml Organic honey and aloe revitalizing face mask
  11. Activated charcoal and turmeric detoxifying clay mask
  12. Green tea mask
  13. Honey and aloe mask
  14. Lip balm - 10 ml
  15. Lip scrub - 10 ml

 Please note these products come packaged and unbranded