Luxury Reed diffuser - 200 ml
Luxury Reed diffuser - 200 ml
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Luxury Reed diffuser - 200 ml

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NB - Gold and black caps (lids) are out of stock we currently have silver caps in stock 

NB - please note the scents are limited and vary every month, current scents available: lemongrass & ginger, pink grapefruit, vanilla velvet, lavender, millefleur, fresh & clean.

Recommended selling price R200 - R250

200 ml


1 diffuser - R150

5 diffuser - R600

10 diffuser - R1180

20 diffuser - R2300

50 diffuser - R5500


Fragrances available

Lemongrass and ginger - Uplift your senses with this invigorating blend of citrus lime and lemon with infused zingy ginger.

Pink Grapefruit - This seductively tangy fragrance blends fresh pink grapefruit with sweet valencia orange, mouth-watering clementine, and soft florals.

Vanilla velvet - A powdery, fruity fragrance with delicate citrus notes, hints of fruity melon and peach, enhanced with Jasmin and White Lily, and creamy edible notes of vanilla, musk, cedar, sandal, and warm amber.

Dream - A sweet, powdery fruity floral fragrance with slight citrus top notes leading to a fruity floral heart of melon, jasmine, geranium, and heliotrope. The base of extremely substantive with creamy edible notes of vanilla and musk, cedarwood, sandalwood, and warm amber

Fresh and clean - A refreshing mix of crisp apple, bergamot, lemon, and pink grapefruit gives this delightful scent a sweet and tart edge; soft lily, amber, and musk complete this sassy, fresh scent.

Lavender - Lavender has a delicate, sweet smell that is floral, herbal, and evergreen woodsy at the same time. It has soft, powdery, or smokey notes as well.

Millefleur - A sweet and warm scent, that smells like a summer garden, sweet flowery top notes of roses & violets, burst forth from a fresh heart of bergamot & lavender, which in turn leads to the lightest base of sandalwood, cedar, and patchouli.