Collection: Cosmetic supplier information

Dear clients

Please note that we will no longer be selling the pre order makeup (lipstick, lipgloss, eyeshadow palettes).


However we have decided to sell our supplier/vendor information. You will be able to buy directly from our cosmetic supplier

at half the price that we were selling the products.


We will forward you the direct contact information of our cosmetic supplier you will be able to order directly from them cutting us as the middle man out.


Once payments has been made we will forward you the link where you’ll be able to communicate and order directly from our cosmetic supplier.


The cosmetics you’ll be able to buy from this supplier: 


Various lipsticks 

Various lipglosses 

Various eyeshadow pallets 

Blushes and highlighter pallets 

Makeup brushes

Lip liner 

Eyebrow gel, eyebrow powder and eyebrow pencils


Liquid highlighter

Eyeshadow primer 


This supplier can be trusted, this supplier is works efficiently, the products they offer are high quality and they offer a low minimum quantity order which means you do not have to order in large quantities to start, the products do come unbranded you can get your logo printed on the product, they are based in China and deliver to South Africa via DHL couriers. 


Please note our processing time is 2 - 3 business days. We will contact you via email or WhatsApp. 

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  • Our cosmetic supplier information
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